Tripp House, Lackawanna County's Oldest Home, Scranton, PA

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The Society For
The Preservation Of
The Tripp Family
Homestead, Inc.

1011 N. Main Ave
Scranton, PA 18508 USA

Tripp House, Rental Policies
Rental Agreement and Policies 

The Society for the Preservation of the Tripp Family Homestead, Inc.

Rental Agreement
The Society for the Preservation of the Tripp Family Homestead, Inc. was created to restore, maintain and preserve the Tripp Family Homestead, which is the oldest existing structure in Lackawanna County and to promote its adaptive contemporary reuse as a community resource. Due to the historic nature and age of the building the Society reserves the right to restrict those events which it believes may present a potential for undue damage to the house. The renter acknowledges the right of the Society to monitor the event and to take any action necessary to insure that the rental agreement and its rules and regulations are not violated.

Rental Policies

1. This Rental Agreement applies only to the rooms on the first floor of the Tripp Family Homestead. Neither the second floor nor the basement is included in this agreement.

2. The renter will be responsible for the proper conduct of invitees, employees and independent contractors. Excessive noise or unruly behavior is prohibited.

3. The event must be by personal invitation of the host/hostess. Guest may be publicly invited through the use of the media only with the prior written consent of the Board of Directors of the Society.

4. No Smoking is allowed anywhere inside the Tripp House. If your guests choose to smoke outside the house they must use the receptacles provided. Failure to observe the smoking regulations will result in forfeiture of the security deposit.

5. Due to the historic nature of the Tripp house, only freestanding, nonattached decorations will be permitted. Decorations cannot be allowed which require attachment to building or furniture surfaces. Any damage from the renter's decorations will be the responsibility of the renter. Confetti or glitter confetti type decorations are not permitted.

6. Historic furniture of the Tripp House collection should not be moved without approval from the Tripp House Manager.

7. The capacity of the Tripp House is limited to 100 people seated.

8. It is the renter's responsibility to engage a caterer from our approved list of caterers.

9. The renter agrees to hold the Society harmless for any damages or actions resulting from accidents, improper conduct and other matters whether occurring in the dwelling or on Tripp House property.

10. Clean up to be completed by the caterer or their designee.

11. Security Deposit: A security deposit on the Tripp House is $125.00 and is not applicable to the rental fee. It is refundable if the renter leaves the premises in the same condition as before the event. The security deposit will be refunded within two weeks after the event based upon inspection of the premises by a Society representative. Damages in excess of Security Deposit will be the responsibility of the renter. The Society reserves the right to inspect the property before and after each event and to retain the security deposit if there is a problem.

12. Depending on the specific nature of the event additional rules and polices may apply.

A nonrefundable Rental deposit of $100.00 is required at the time of the reservation upon signing the contract.

13. Only bottled or canned beer may be served at the Tripp House. No keg beer service is permitted.

Rental Procedure

1. If your requested date is available the Tripp House will temporarily hold that date for up to seven days.

2. Upon timely notice from you that an approved caterer has been engaged a contract will be sent to you; after verifying the date, time, number of guests, type of event and caterer - you will sign one copy and return with the $100.00 (nonrefundable) deposit to reserve the date. The deposit does apply toward your total rental fee.

Rental Fee Schedule

Two hour minimum to rent the Tripp House
$110.00 per hour events under 50 people
$120.00 per hour events 50 to 75 people
$130.00 per hour events over 75 people
The presence of a fire marshal is required for groups hosting more than 99 people in the Tripp House for an event. The necessary fee will be added to the cost of the rental.

Contact Michael Gilmartin at 570.575.1343 for date availability and additional information.

All conditions of this contract will be enforced by a member of the Society board or their designee.

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